Flux Deluxe – Children’s TV Series

About This Project

Developing a Children’s Series:

Our brief was to bring an already successful range of 2D characters (developed for print) to life through animation. The project involved a careful transition from extremely 2D ‘graphic’ characters into 3D whilst retaining their charm and making sure their extreme proportions didn’t make them too inpractical for animation. We then went on to design and realise key locations for the series and concluded by producing a 2 minute trailer.

The stories are set in a South American city (much like Rio)  involving a gang of children and centring around a beach hangout called ‘Flux Deluxe’.

I worked on the project for close to a year as a consultant and designer (working with great friend and artist Damian Johnston). My role was primarily in design – taking charge of the transformation of the characters into 3D and the development of the sets and style of the show.

The original characters are exceptionally graphic and “flat”, I strove to capture the charm of the designs whilst giving them true 3D form. This meant reducing some of the most exaggerated elements – in particular the hair!

CGI, Characters, Illustrative
Blue hair, cartoon, characters, Flux, Flux Deluxe, people