How can I help?


If you’re looking for someone creative with their wits about them. Here are a few capabilities I can offer…


Creative Flair


Incisive problem solving: novel ideas, unexpected leaps, keen humour, imagination and invention…all fuelled by a desire to innovate, not duplicate. In short, I’m about insight and ideas  as much as imagery.




My enthusiasm for my field hasn’t wavered one bit, despite now having a few years under my belt! I’ve learned lessons, made  mistakes and merrily served my 10,000 hours and then some! I’m sure I’ve won some wisdom along the way?


Craft Skills


Drawing, painting, and competence in 2D & 3D realisation. These allow me to communicate ideas with ease through sketches, concept art, storyboards and 3D visualisations. I also have a complete understanding of the traditional principles of animation.


People Skills


I know how to listen. I’m friendly. You’ll find me positive, supportive, good-tempered and  jovial.




A clear understanding of film-language and a knack for storytelling: pacing, editing, intrigue, characterisation and comedy.


Big Picture


A clear understanding of the broad arc of the production process from first concept, through treatment&pitch, storyboard, the full CG production process, compositing and the role of sound & music. I always have an eye on the steps ahead and strive to ensure that each of the ingredients within a project contributes appropriately to the whole.




 I have spent many a year ‘in the trenches’ and worn many  hats. I’ve been there, suffered, worked all night and paid my dues. I have an excellent understanding of the 3D Animation Production Pipeline and what each step and role entails; at one time or another I’ve probably done it myself.  I know what’s hard and what’s easy. How long things take or thereabouts (always a dark art), where potential dangers lie…and how to creatively exploit new technology to get cost effective results.


I’m Motivated


Let’s create something dazzling! I have a passion for my work and a passion for the field. I want to be as good as I can and I want to keep on learning and improving.  The creative possibilities afforded by new technological advancements are  staggering…let’s ride that bow wave!


I’m Grounded

I live in the real world. I understand the realities of time and money. Work has to be delivered on schedule and on budget. My goal is always to temper the ambition and style of a solution to suit these realities. Yes – the goal is always to surpass expectations. But to do so smartly and safely within the scope of the resources available.

What makes a drawing, a painting, a user interface, a narrative, or something as simple as a joke, effective, or not? Exactly what contributing elements make it satisfying,  appealing, entertaining? How could it be better?   


This constant enquiry has been the driving force in my career. My aim has been to comprehend underlying principles. The Science of the Arts.


In terms of imagery having an armoury of aesthetic principles to help fashion and refine one’s work – whilst never being dogmatic – proves far more effective than steering solely by intuition, trial and error. Where once I stumbled in the dark, now I feel I have real control of light, tone, proportion, line, texture and colour and can harness these elements to strikingly convey mood, drama, or a visual narrative. Unearthing these ‘guiding rules’ has been a  fascinating quest into the mechanisms of sight (which has much more to do with your brain than your eyeballs) and the psychcology of ‘seeing’ – all in the search for  the secrets of satisfying imagery!