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I have skills in writing, design, directing, storyboarding & concept development, photography, retouch, illustration, computer graphics & animation production.

I’ve worked predominantly in animated commercials & print campaigns – working independently or with many of London’s finest production companies. I’ve also designed & developed (and consulted) on several children’s animated series. More recently I’ve been involved in London’s thriving tech/creative start-up scene; consulting on a number of apps and more recently personalised children’s books.

I take pride in my work and always aim to surpass expectations whilst striving to be professional, reliable and – of course – deliver on time & on budget.

If I can help – or you’d like to know more. Please don’t hesitate to call.

Telephone: +44(0)7958756777        e-mail: ed@edtaylor.co.uk

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At age three or four a kindly relative noticed my underwhelming scribblings and generously remarked that they were “not entirely awful”. (though doubtless they were). Such blind encouragement is kindling to a wee boy’s endeavours and from that moment I felt sure that “art” (whatever that was exactly) was going to be my thing. As such I ploughed headlong through my youth exhausting numerous paint boxes, HB2 pencils, and generally making much mess. A few decades on and I realise that those hours of application and struggle were a necessary suffering (that continues!): A thousand lessons, wrong turns and experiments…that lead eventually to genuine competence!


Once fully grown I found myself at Art School (in London) where I not only honed my table football skills but developed a fascination with the mechanics of vision and the manner in which our brains interpret and respond to imagery. (I’d had no expectation that my art school experience would be quite so library orientated) to balance this embarrassingly nerdy behaviour I also presided over the University Parachuting Club.


My interest in the “process of seeing” greatly informed my work and a passion for composition was the outcome: a yearning to understand how best to manipulate line, form, tone, colour, texture and perspective to control the observer’s experience and very deliberately direct their attention, capture a mood, or strike an appropriate emotional note.


My interests also broadened: I was drawn towards animation & film-making, where I could explore narrative & humour and the extraordinary creative possibilities of new technology. As such, with two years remaining, I sneaked into the Art School’s CAD department and began experimenting with whatever technology I could lay my hands on: I proudly completed four exhausting years at Kingston having pioneered Computer Animation and left with two internationally award winning short films and a First Class Degree with two special commendations.


My films were my ticket to the industry. I cut my teeth in the heart of London’s Soho – as a part of London’s Production & Post-production community working largely as a Designer & Director of Computer Generated commercials & Pop Promos. After learning the ropes I eventually turned freelance.

In my early twenties I  designed & developed Children’s Series “Tiny Planets” which immediately secured financial support and led swiftly to an award winning pilot and a clear blueprint for the 65 episodes proposed. The series went on to International success – airing across the globe, immediately repeated here in Citv (thanks to strength of viewing figures) and led on to merchandising…and even McDonalds Happy Meal toys!


I went on to consult & design for a number of other children’s series whilst also tackling numerous animated commercials & print campaigns working with many of London’s most renowned Production Companies; Framestore, Nexus Productions, Picasso Pictures, Ragdoll, Taylorjames, Passion Pictures – everything from rivers of yoghurt, through photoreal cars, chocolate, fizzy drinks  and breakfast cereals.


More recently I have enjoyed spending just a little less time in dark rooms full of computers and bearded men! (you can have too much of a good thing) and found great pleasure in photography whilst also working as a Creative Consultant assisting corporate clients wishing to sharpen their branding as well as assisting start-ups looking to fly out of the blocks with cohesive design & UX. I currently live in Stoke Newington and work in the heart of East London’s creative & tech start-up community.


Please feel free to give me a buzz.

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